We are a platform for Native and Indigenous Futurists.


Join Us for Our Grand Opening!

The Center for Native Futures (CfNF) will host its grand opening celebration and
exhibition on Saturday, September 16 from 4 to 7pm and Sunday, Sept 17, 2023 from noon to
Located in the Marquette Building, CfNF serves as Chicago’s only all-Native
artist-operated fine arts organization.

The inaugural “Native Futures” exhibition will feature more than a dozen established and
emerging Native artists from the Great Lakes region, including works by CfNF co-founders,
Noelle Garcia, Kelly Church, Jason Wesaw, Tom Jones, Holly Wilson, John Hitchcock, Camille
Billie, June Carpenter, Codak Smith, Le’Ana Asher, Dakota Mace, Ji Hae Yepa-Pappan,
Chelsea Big Horn, Lydia Cheshewalla, Hattie Lee, and TIES poets
. Additionally, it will highlight
women-owned businesses, and present a special guest performance by Lakota hip-hop artist
Frank Waln.

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